Q&A was conceived with the intention of servicing a gap in the market for credible educational consulting stemming from professional expertise and personal experience. With increasing competitiveness for admissions to the best universities, students need consulting partners who understand not only the broader aspects of the admission process but also the nuances with which only personal experience familiarizes. We believe that only someone who has been in the shoes of the student can offer timely and effective advice.

national-law-schoolsOur team consists of consultants who are able to advise on the basis of their own practical experience with the application and admission process for universities abroad – especially for the UK. They have successfully undertaken post-graduate degrees in UK and are well versed not only with the many complexities of the admission cycle but also the practical aspects of living abroad for the duration of a proposed course of study.

Our team has over 15 years experience of counseling students. Q&A is a commercial venture designed to channel that experience to reach a wider audience. Our consultants have dealt with the entire gamut of admission process elements from completion of forms, application essay reviews, standardized test preparation, visa applications to arranging accommodation. However, our service to students does not stop there but goes beyond. Our relationships with a growing portfolio of top universities allows us to follow-up and monitor applications directly with the universities and colleges allowing us to highlight and head off potential issues that may otherwise hurt the chances of a student’s admission.

We treat students not as clients but as partners in whose success we are invested. Q&A can grow only if our students do.